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Coaching Excellence in Synchronized Skating: Angelique Visser, Head Coach in Eindhoven

November 20, 2023

We had the opportunity to speak with Angelique Visser, the head coach of Kids on Ice Synchronized Skating in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. She shares insights into her coaching philosophy, her club's diverse athlete base in synchronized skating, and the role of Qridi Sport as a digital coaching platform in enhancing communication within her club.

Coaching Philosophy: Cultivating Versatile Athletes

The head coach in synchronized skating.

Angelique Visser's coaching philosophy in synchronized skating revolves around creating a positive sporting experience for athletes of all levels and promoting athlete development. She emphasizes the importance of fostering a safe and enjoyable team environment while encouraging achievement. According to Angelique, “It should be a good experience that they take with them their entire lives. Achievement is important, but it should be in a way that they enjoy, and that they have a really good experience.” This coaching approach highlights her dedication to not only developing skilled synchronized skaters but also nurturing versatile individuals.

The True Measure of Success: Watching Athletes Thrive

Team and head coach.

Angelique's proudest coaching moments in synchronized skating stem from seeing her athletes genuinely enjoy their performances and take pride in their achievements, regardless of the competition level. She finds fulfillment in their personal growth, increased confidence, and improved social interactions. "I feel that I have done my job if I watch them going through their program, skating the competition with a smile on their face." For her, coaching success in synchronized skating goes beyond the rink, positively impacting the athletes' lives as a whole.

Positive Impact of Communication and Motivation

Angelique explains how effective communication and motivation are critical in synchronized skating. With multiple teams and athletes, clarity in communication is vital for athlete development. Qridi Sport has centralized all communication, streamlining interactions between athletes, parents, and coaches in synchronized skating. It also offers motivating features for individual and group support. Angelique commends Qridi Sport for simplifying their practice routines and enhancing overall team dynamics. "It makes the whole communication so much more's easy to use, and it has all these good motivational features."

Angelique wraps up by expressing her satisfaction with Qridi Sport. The transition to this digital coaching tool was seamless, centralizing schedules and eliminating the fragmented communication channels that were previously in use. "Parents are especially happy with the system, that it's now communicated on one point." Parents have embraced the system, appreciating its clarity and ease of use, further enhancing the coaching experience for both athletes and their families.

Toward Excellence: Dedication to Synchronized Skating and Athlete Development

Angelique Visser's commitment to nurturing athletes in synchronized skating and providing them with a memorable and positive sports experience shines through in her comments. Her use of a digital coaching tool underscores the importance of effective communication and motivation in creating successful and happy athletes and supporting their synchronized skating journey.

Thanks for the interview Angelique, we were delighted to hear this approach for the coaching!