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All-in-one Sport Coaching App

Simplify coaching by implementing all aspects of sport coaching with one tool. Qridi Sport is excellently suited for both junior coaching and professional level, as well as sports academies. 

Qridi Sport Coaching App is all you need

all SPORT coaching tools in ONE APP


Communicate and coordinate with ease.

Season and Training Planning

Enjoy your season and training planning.

Engage Teams and

Engage and build athlete-centred approach.

Analyse and

Visual tools help deepen knowledge of progress.

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Communication and Rewarding

All communication in one place

No more WhatsApp groups or lost emails. Communicate with everyone or with individuals.

Rich with media

Use Messages, videos, images, audio clips. Communicate with everyone – athletes, parents and other coaches – easily with a mobile application or on a computer. You can use messaging also for rewarding purposes. Share performance badges for the athletes.

Sport Coaching App and Tools
A drawing tool and videos can be used to plan the training season.

Events and Planning

Automatic planning

Administrating training sessions and events becomes automatic. Easy task with no hassle.

Efficient tools

Plan season and trainings and link exercises to events. Use drawing tool for planning or sport coaching app to make videos. Use wide reporting possibilities of the events to understand better your work as a coach. Build sport club’s own training bank. Share trainings and collect feedback and progress during the off-season.

Ready when you are

Ready-made concepts

To make great athletes it is not just about sport specific skills. Qridi Sport Coaching App offers the opportunity to utilize ready-made concepts for athlete-centred coaching ranging from goal setting to athlete load monitoring and from physical tests to sleeping - and much more.

Customize to your needs

Take advantage of the ready-made content or customize your own based on your needs – to make athletes who are holistically successful individuals.

The Qridi sport application has ready-made concepts for monitoring training load,  physical tests and setting goals.

Join the growing group of forward-looking coaches

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Qridi Sport application has been used in the national youth basketball teams for four years now. We have been very satisfied with Qridi Sport! Qridi Sport helps us achieve our sports education goals significantly.”
Jyri Lohikoski
Head coach of the 16-year-old boys' Finnish national team
Director of Assist Center
Logo of Uinti Tampere, swimming team Tampere
Qridi Sport help us - athletes and coaches alike - in many ways in goal-oriented sports, and it also enables us to give feed back in appreciative and personal manner."
Kaisa Arrateig
Head coach
Helsinki Rockettes, Helsinki Figure Skating Club, three-time world champion in synchronised skating, Finland
Logo of Helsinki figure skating club
Qridi allows users to monitor their progress towards a specific goal. Furthermore, players also seem to be more aware of what the mental training aims to achieve and understand that those exercises require repetitions too. Since implementing Qridi, I have started to see the game from a new perspective. We now have several years’ worth of information and experiences gained from players."
Mira Kuisma
Head coach
The girls’ national U18 ice hockey team, Finland
Logo of the Finnish national ice hockey team
Qridi Sport offers an efficient and usable way to promote comprehensive training. Interaction, giving feedback and supporting the development of players can be done effortlessly with the help of the application and brings clear added value to our operations"
Timo Räikkönen
Head coach
Helsinki Football Club T10 Academy, Finland
Logo of Helsinki football club
Our aim has been to make its use as easy as possible for the athletes, and we also use a training diary. The coordinators can easily monitor the progress."
Anttu Puotiniemi
Sports coordinator
Oulu Region Sports Academy, Finland
Logo of Oulu region sports academy
The use of Qridi Sport adds a whole new dimension to how independent training can be monitored. A coach can see how their players are training in real time."
Virpi Kupari
Kempele Lentopallo, volleyball team Kempele, Finland
Logo of Kempele volleyball team
Qridi helps me understand swimmers better. Getting 13–16-year-old athletes to engage does not get much easier than this! Their mobile phones are right there by the poolside, and encouraging participation is possible before and after training sessions too."
Reeta Keisala
Uinti Tampere, swimming team Tampere, Finland
Logo of Uinti Tampere, swimming team Tampere
As a club, we want to be pioneers in quality and comprehensive coaching. The Qridi Sport tool supports us in this goal. We use Qridi Sport to support season and period planning. We want to support the club's coaches in planning, and we get a big benefit from the tool for monitoring development. We also support athlete-oriented coaching with, for example, surveys, tests and documentation of goals."
Antti Niska
Coaching manager
M-Team Floorball club, Finland
Logo of Uinti Tampere, swimming team Tampere

Dive deeper into the world
of athlete-centred coaching

Help your athletes develop holistically in all aspects of sports, and follow their progress in real time.
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