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New Hockey Centre Service for Ice Hockey Clubs and Federations - Finnish Ice Hockey Association, The Sport Institute of Finland Vierumäki, and Qridi Ltd. in Collaboration

September 1, 2023

The Finnish Ice Hockey Association, in collaboration with the Sport Institute of Finland Vierumäki and Qridi Sport, has launched a new software service called Hockey Centre. The digital platform is also available to associations and clubs in other countries.

Hockey Centre is closely aligned with the strategy of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association. According to Jere Lahti, the Director of Competence and Digitalization at the Ice Hockey Association, "In line with the Finnish ice hockey strategy, the Ice Hockey Association aims to strengthen collaboration with clubs in player development, invest in high-quality coaching education at all levels, utilize data and technology for player and game development, and incorporate digital services for competence enhancement."

Hockey Centre app for ice hockey

The goal of the service is to assist and enhance ice hockey development worldwide. Hockey Centre is a coaching software service aimed at ice hockey club coaches and players. The service aims to facilitate training planning, communication between coaches and athletes, and comprehensive coaching, from independent training to understanding athletes' progress through feedback. The primary focus is on promoting athlete-centered coaching in collaboration with clubs. The service will include ready-made and continuously evolving training content for coaches to utilize.

Training content plays a central role in the digital service. Aku Nieminen, the Ice Hockey Coordinator at the Finnish Sports Institute (commonly known as Vierumäki), states, "We see this as one of the most effective ways to support and enhance the daily routines of coaches and players. Therefore, through this collaboration, we can effectively contribute to the development of our wonderful sport. To ensure the best possible player development, high-quality training content, systematic planning, and consistent work are essential. Interest in Hockey Centre has also been substantial beyond Finland's borders, both at the national and club levels."

Toni Eskola, one of the founders of Qridi Ltd. and Sport Sector Director, describes the collaboration as a natural fit, as all parties are committed to advancing and supporting athlete-centered coaching. "We have been working for years with Qridi Sport to support various sports. We are delighted that our knowledge and technology can be utilized to support an even broader range of sports. This is why our company exists."

For additional information:

Finnish Ice Hockey Association:
The Finnish Ice Hockey Association is a national sports organization responsible for coordinating and developing ice hockey activities in Finland. The association promotes the sport's participation, competitive and elite sports, and coach education.

The Sport Institute of Finland Vierumäki:
The Finnish Sports Institute offers diverse education and service solutions for individuals and organizations in the field of physical activity and sports. It is a respected expert in the fields of physical activity, health, well-being, and coaching.

Qridi Oy:
Qridi is a Finnish growth company that develops digital tools to support learning for various organizations. The company's vision is to enable personalized learning and coaching by harnessing the possibilities of technology. The company has years of experience in sports and coaching tools as well.