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Qridi Sport solution used in sports academies

April 13, 2022

The activities of Finnish sports academies are organized regionally and include educational institutions, as well as sports clubs. The aim of the activities is to support athletes in goal-oriented sports and education. Qridi Sport is a great solution for sports academies. The way the software service is used varies depending on each sports academy’s own organization and practices. Athletes have also given positive feedback about the fact that the application is always available on their phone and easy to use.

Events to help everyday life and training load monitoring

“We use the calendar and the event feature a lot. Information about participants is important to us because we can use it to plan training sessions and, even, transportation.” – Sami Suhonen, Freeride Coach at Levi SnowSport Academy

Sports academies typically organize joint and sport-specific training sessions. The event feature keeps athletes informed about upcoming training sessions and allows them to register for them. In turn, coaches can see who have registered, and this information can be used for reporting and planning the focus of future events. This feature also provides information on the active training time, which can be used to evaluate the athlete and monitor the overall training load.

”Our aim has been to make its use as easy as possible for the athletes. It is really easy for a sports coordinator to follow the progress and see the training load for each athlete.” – Antti Puotiniemi, Sports Coordinator at Oulu Region Sports Academy

Exercise sharing supports growth as an athlete

In some sports academies, coaches also use the exercise sharing feature. It allows the coach to support and monitor remote training in real time. Athletes can perform exercises and make a self-evaluation of them, regardless of time and place. The exercise sharing feature allows athletes to send proof of their performance in the form of a video, for example. Coaches or sports coordinators can then use this feature to give feedback and evaluate the performances.

Easy-to-use messaging makes communication easier

Other Qridi Sport’s features used by academies include easy-to-use messaging, physique tests and the collecting of different types of feedback through surveys (e.g. camp and off-season feedback).