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Helsinki Figure Skating Club hosts some of the best skating teams in the world

March 31, 2022

Pioneer of the sport with multiple world championships

Helsinki Figure Skating Club is a highly successful and vibrant figure skating club. Every year, 800–1,000 children, young people and adults skate on their ice. Helsinki Figure Skating Club is a pioneer in synchronized skating: the club was involved in establishing Finland’s first synchronized skating team back in 1984. The club’s teams are among the top teams in the world as Helsinki Rockettes has won multiple world championships and Team Fintastic has achieved international success in the junior championships.

As the club’s Head Coach, Kaisa Arrateig coaches some of the best teams in the world.

Goal-oriented and appreciative approach

Helsinki Figure Skating Club has used Qridi Sport software service for several years now.

“Qridi Sport helps athletes and coaches in many ways in goal-oriented sports. The club aspires to understand athletes better and give feedback in an appreciative and personal manner”, says Head Coach Kaisa Arrateig.

As a figure skating community, Helsinki Figure Skating Club is unique, offering an encouraging and inspiring environment to succeed, develop and grow both as an athlete and as an individual. Using Qridi Sport is a good way to support the realization of these values and goals.

Athlete-centered development environment

Qridi Sport is a pedagogical development environment for athletes, enabling a more holistic approach to coaching. The app allows the athletes to reflect their own performance through self-evaluations, set personal goals, make entries to an exercise or food journal and perform the exercises given by the coach. The training load monitoring feature ensures sufficient recovery and rest. The messaging and events feature make it easy to organize the activities.

Regular reflection on their own activity and feedback from different parties guides athletes to pay attention to their own wellbeing and improve as an athlete. Long-term visualized data supports the coaching process and the athlete’s growth into a self-directed individual.

This blog post was initially published on Qridi’s previous website in 2018. Small clarifications were made for this publication.