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la galardonada plataforma de coaching

Descubra cómo puede apoyar el desarrollo de los atletas con la galardonada plataforma de entrenamiento de Qridi, que se utiliza tanto con atletas profesionales como juveniles.

Interview with Jonathan McPhail: Coaching Freeski and Snowboard at the Vuokatti-Ruka Sport Academy (VRUA)

April 24, 2023

Freeski and snowboard are snow-based sports and require an array of technical, tactical, and psycho-physical demands. Jonathan McPhail coaches sports science topics to both athletes and coaches at the Vuokatti-Ruka Sport Academy in Finland.

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The Secret to the Success of Top Finnish Baseball Club is Persistence

March 10, 2023

Kempeleen Kiri (KeKi) is a general sports club from Kempele, founded in 1915, whose sports include also the Finnish baseball which is the national sport in Finland. The club's activities are exceptionally high-quality and long-term both at the junior and adult levels.

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Floorball club M-Team utilizes the coaching application in its high-quality activities - the perspective of the coaching manager

February 16, 2023

M-Team is a floorball club, where the goal is to offer high-quality activities on a long-term basis and for all ages. The club’s values include quality, community and participation. Their coaching manager tells about the club's activities and coaching philosophy.

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The cooperation between the Finnish Figure Skating Association and the clubs is close also on the national team track

January 13, 2023

Finnish figure skaters have achieved a lot of success in international competitions. A special feature of Finnish figure skating is the club system and cooperation between clubs. The sports Manager of the Finnish Figure Skating Association, Satu Niittynen, sees this as a strength.

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The success of the Finnish national basketball teams is the result of systematic work

November 24, 2022

The basis for the success of the Finnish national basketball teams has been built carefully and professionally. The blog opens up the background of success from the point of view coaching. Success is the result of long-term and systematic work.

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Learning for the field and for life – well-being skills in sports

November 1, 2022

Supporting the well-being of children and young people can be started with small everyday steps. Interest and presence during the conversation are often enough. Being heard and getting personal attention are meaningful in themselves.

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Qridi Sport solution used in sports academies

April 13, 2022

Qridi Sport is a great solution for sports academies. The way the software service is used varies depending on each sports academy’s own organization and practices. Athletes have also given positive feedback about the fact that the application is always available on their phone and easy to use.

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Helsinki Figure Skating Club hosts some of the best skating teams in the world

March 31, 2022

Helsinki Figure Skating Club is a successful and vibrant figure skating club. Every year, 800–1,000 children, young people and adults skate on their ice. Skating club has used Qridi Sport coaching plaform for several years. Qridi Sport helps athletes and coaches in many ways in goal-oriented sports.

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